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  • Patina Style

    Patina Style

    September 1st, 2011 | Uncategorized | sarabliss | Comments Off on Patina Style

    I spent a few months last winter working with Brooke and Steven Giannetti on their beautiful book Patina Style as the ghostwriter. Steve is an accomplished architect and Brooke is a terrific interior designer and the work they do together is romantic and serene. They are incredibly clever, repurposing objects in really unique ways–using painter’s […]

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  • entering cyberspace….

    entering cyberspace….

    October 7th, 2010 | Uncategorized | sarabliss | Comments Off on entering cyberspace….

    Just launched a hotel/travel blog called Hotel Chic. It’s travel through the eyes of a design junkie. You can use it as a source of design inspiration, a place to get ideas for your next trip, or a way to check in to the coolest hotels without leaving your couch.

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